they’re SO cute


luminoustwig replied to your post “just throwing this out there because im curious about how others have…”

I mostly agree with @moonriase and have a small addition bout something I noticed just now! As you can see, the little key chain is a little rabbit. What animal does Wonpil get depicted as? A rabbit ��
… Since I’m a MyDay shortly before the shoot me era started I don’t know for how long the animal thing is around but.. What if it’s intentional and a symbol of giving himself to Seungjin? ��✨

its really funny i was just thinking of that too! im a very new myday as well so im not sure when we started depicting wonpil as a rabbit but im not sure how much of fandom lore goes /into/ a mv you know? one interesting thing i thought was how in that closeup scene of wonpils at the monkey bars, how we get a focus on the bunny and the next scene goes straight to the bus but focuses on the girl? as if we should like superimpose the rabbit image onto her i think thats part of the reason why i think the bunny could /represent/ the girl (even if the keychain doesnt necessarily belong to her but i think it could be representative /of/ her) or it could just be reflective of two different feelings that we’re seeing wonpil with sungjin and sungjin with the girl as that switch in the mv also happens in bw wonpil and youngks line in the bridge (since whoever directed this video was definitely paying attention to lyrics as they edited laksj) but yeah that could be important!

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